Mac-Weld Services

We run daily pick-up and delivery routes from Red Bud, IL to Cairo, IL. Local pick-up and delivery (within 30 miles of the shop)

If you don’t see a service on this list, call us at 800-524-5211. We probably can do it.

  • Complete Cylinder Head Rebuilding
    • Cast iron and aluminum
    • Gas, diesel, ag, marine, motorcycle, industrial, performance
    • Import multi-valve heads are our specialty
    • 3306 Cat, 60 series Detroit, DT 466, JD 414, 466, and 6068
    • 3 angle and 5 angle valve and seat work
  • Block and Cylinder Boring (up to 5 inch)
    • Gas, ag, diesel, marine, jet ski, motorcycles, outboard, and industrial
    • Block resleeving -- except 2 cycle cylinders
  • CV 616 Sunnen Cylinder Honing
    • Proper R/A finish depending on rings being used (chrome, molly, plasma, etc)
  • Crankshaft Regrinding and Polishing
    • Up to 3306 Cat size cranks
  • Block Decking
    • Gas, diesel, ag, marine, motorcycle, jet ski, performance, and industrial
  • Cam Bearing Installation
  • Rod Reconditioning
    • Reconditioning of rods from 2” bore diameter to 5” bore
    • Piston pin bushing honing
  • State of Art Thermal Cleaning
    • Cast iron and aluminum
    • Gear cases, crankshafts, and all other parts
  • Flywheel Regrinding
    • Flat or step
    • With or without dowel pins
    • John Deere, Mack, Cummings, Caterpillar, International
  • Valve Regrinding
    • Single or multi angle
  • Welding
    • Tig, Mig, or Stick welding
    • We weld anything from a favorite skillet to a new cutting edge on your bulldozer blade
    • We weld pontoon boats and fishing boats
    • We weld mower decks and handrails
  • King Pin Fitting
    • On all spindles up to 1 7/8” diameter

Communities Served

Mac-Weld has been serving southern Illinois, southeast Missouri and southwest Indiana since 1987. In Illinois from Red-Bud to Cario; in Missouri: Cape Giradau, Sikston, Festus, East Prarie,and Charleston; in Kentucky: Paducah, Benton, and Kevil; in Indiana: Evansville, Mt. Vernon, and Habstat.

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