About Mac-Weld, Inc.

Mac-Weld, Inc. is short for Machine and Welding service, which Wain Taylor and Jerry Kaufman opened in Carbondale, IL in March of 1987. Wain Taylor is now the hands-on owner, and works every day on the shop floor along with six other employees. In our professional machine shop, we rebuild all types of automotive, medium duty diesel, tractor and inboard marine engines.

Quality Service - Affordable Price - Fast Turnaround

We have same-day service on some work and next-day service on other work. We are very aware of the need for quick turnaround. Our mission is to provide quality service at an affordable price.

Engine Rebuilding and Repair

We rebuild all types of automotive engines, medium duty diesel engines, gas and diesel tractor engines, and most inboard marine engines, including crack repair on all cast iron heads and blocks and have a state-of-the-art repair service on all aluminum cylinder heads. We have a 24 month, 24,000 mile warranty on all rebuilt engines and rebuilt cylinder heads.

Full Service Parts Department

With a full service parts department, we have over 200 rebuilt cylinder heads in stock and can order almost any head. If we don't have it, we can order it today, and it will be in stock tomorrow.

Welding Service and Welding Gases

Our complete welding service includes a complete welding shop with the ability to weld aluminum, stainless steel and cast iron. We stock a full line of welding gasses including argon, oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, helium and mixed gasses.

Communities Served

Mac-Weld has been serving southern Illinois, southeast Missouri and southwest Indiana since 1987. In Illinois from Red-Bud to Cario; in Missouri: Cape Giradau, Sikston, Festus, East Prarie,and Charleston; in Kentucky: Paducah, Benton, and Kevil; in Indiana: Evansville, Mt. Vernon, and Habstat.

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Mac-Weld, Inc.
Machine & Welding Works

612 San Diego Road, Carbondale, IL
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm,
Closed Sat and Sun


Wain and Jerry with a full line of engine parts in our Service Department in Carbondale, IL
Tina, Mac-Weld Outside Sales Rep at the engine parts counter in Carbondale, IL

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